Hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol)

Hand Sanitizer (70% Ethyl Alcohol)

With 70 Percent Ethyl Alcohol As the Active Ingredient, Shreeji Hand Sanitizer Has One of the Highest Alcohol Concentrations of Any of the Recommended Hand Sanitizers.

    Good Hand Hygiene Reduces the Risk of Contamination From Flu and Healthcare Associated Infections Being Viralfrom Person to Person.
    Hand Hygiene Is a Way of Cleaning One’s Hands That Substantially Reduces Potential Pathogens (Harmful Microorganisms) on the Hands.
    Hand Hygiene Is Considered a Primary Measure for Reducing the Risk of Transmitting Infection
    Hand Hygiene Procedures Include the Use of Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs and Hand Washing With Soap and Water
    Ethyl Alcohol With Glycerine
    Glycerine Is Very Effective Moisturizer on Skin
    Pleasant Fragrance
    Available at Attractive Prices
    Free Delivery Within Vadodara
    Contactless Delivery, Only Digital Payments Accepted
    500ml, 5 Litre Pack Both in Liquid and Gel

This Support Initiative Is Undertaken to Help All in Vadodara While We Fight COVID -19

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