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3M Dinoc Surface Cladding Films

3M Dinoc Architectural Surface Finish Vinyl Film

New Material, Quick, Easy & Durable Solution to Your Needs in Fast Track Project.

Checkout the Video, How we have transformed Facade of the Existing Building to Brand New Look.

The warmth of wood grain. The sleek feel of metal. The cool of natural stone. And hundreds of other choices. With over 500 surfaces to choose from, DINOC architectural finishes offer it all, at a budget-friendly price.

It’s time to get ahead, extend individuality to environment you live in.


DI-NOC surface finishes – “Materials without constraint” to fit any surfaces.

How 3M DI NOC Architectural Finishes are Better

Aesthetically, 3M DI NOC architectural finishes offer close resemblance to natural materials and many other types of surface finishes to an astonishing degree. 3M DINOC can deliver the look you want.

Greener Solution: 3M DI NOC architectural finishes are a green building product i.e. DINOC is not produced from trees or mining ores. DINOC is faster to Install with least likelihood of error and waste. At the end of Lifecycle, 3M DINOC Films are easier on the earth.

Ease of application: 3M DINOC has Comply Adhesive Technology which makes film repositionable, bubble free, simplified and speedy application. 3M DINOC bonds powerfully to virtually any dry smooth surface.

Why only 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

For renovations or refurbishment project: Lightweight, self-adhesive DINOC can be applied on site to the existing surface, reducing cost of labour and prepation cost compared to natural materials. Its uncanny and close resemblance to natural materials,helps creating new look quickly.

For new construction projects : if you prefer the authenticity of real wood, metal or stone, Use them for select areas. You can use DI NOC architectural surface finishes for everywhere else. You’ll be saving on cost , quick application with durability – maintaining the aesthetic look you desire.

Why Avinash Techno Solutions for Installation

Innovative Materials like 3M Dinoc are made available to Clients.

Installation holds the KEY to Neat and Durable Installation. Trained and Experienced Team of Installers ensures the nuances are taken care off i.e. Why Experts are Here to Help You.