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Dorma Glass Fittings

Dorma Fittings for Toughened Glass Doors & Partitions

Glass doors and walls grace architectural concepts with transparent elegance. Sophisticated toughened glass fittings from DORMA are fine balance of functionality and design. A wide range of hardware options allows the realization of almost any conceivable toughened glass construction.

Dorma Beyond Anti- Pinch Swing Door System

Anti-Pinch , Safe, Secure and Elegant swing door system

The unique minimalist BEYOND system for glass doors is safe, functional and attractive. Characterized by its systematic engineered design and clear styling lines, DORMA BEYOND enables you to build frameless swing glass doors with minimalist hardware looks unlike the patch fittings into tempered glass assemblies and wall openings.

Dorma Manet Single Point Compact Glass Fittings

Single-Point glass Fixing hardware for Interior Applications

Modular, Flexible , Countersunk glass fitting system, DORMA MANET offers architects and specifiers a free hand in creating a space, with bespoke design vision with play of transparency and light as a foundation. The basic component is the single-point fixing which is countersunk into the glass and provides for a perfectly flush finish in all internal glass applications.

Dorma Arcos Studio Designer Fittings for Glass

Toughened glass door fittings

The epitome of design elegance: ARCOS Studio toughened glass fittings are design oriented and functional hardware, emphasizes the abundance and generosity of the glass surface. Transparency of Glass is Valued more with Shapes , Finishes available in ARCOS Fittings.

Dorma Visur Concealed Patch Fittings

Concealed Hardware for Double-Action Glass Doors

Epitome of transparency, Glass doors without any visible fittings / hardware. Double action glass doors installed with dorma patented VISUR system that secures the door without any visually disruptive functional elements.

Dorma Tensor Double-Action Door Hinge

Self -Closing Hinge for double-action doors

The DORMA Tensor self closing double-action door hinge offers particular convenience. Tensor is popular among architects in commercial and residential markets. New Project or Renovation, Glass Doors can be planned without need of any need for a recessed floor spring or an overhead door closer.

Dorma Junior Office Classic Fittings

Heavy Duty yet Simple Glass Fittings

Heavy duty and simplicity adds to a classic design, Junior Office fittings meet the durability requirements of every-day usage of Glass doors. Reliable, straightforward glass hardware for projects.