Dorma Space Management Solutions

Sliding Glass Partitions

A compelling solution for spatial planning that is flexible, efficient and visually arresting. DORMA glass partition systems enable layouts tailored to the given applications. Operated manually, Horizontal Sliding Walls allow rooms to be merged or divided with ease. With a variety of components, these flexible systems also ensure security room division.

Dorma Fsw-g, Fsw-c, Fsw-c Plus

The folding variant – folding sliding wall systems

With their versatile glass partitions, DORMA provides the ideal solution for linking or separating rooms according to your individual requirements. FSW folding sliding walls are the suitable alternative to HSW-G systems as they almost match in terms of their visual appearance and technology.

Dorma Hsw-g Sliding Wall

A horizontal sliding wall for maximum transparency.

The sliding panels of the HSW-G glass sliding wall provide continuous and transparent glass surfaces without any lateral frame elements. All functional components are concealed in the top and bottom door rails, while convenient clip-on covers in various materials and colour shades cover all visible surfaces.

Dorma Hsw-gp Sliding Wall

Horizontal sliding wall with single-point fixings made of stainless steel

The HSW-GP is characterised by the use of MANET single-point fixings in combination with a standard track rail. The system’s high-quality stainless steel components and flush-mounted single-point fixings perfectly match the demands of modern architecture, making it an ideal choice for spaces where design flexibility is essential, such as in the renovation of properties following a timeshare mortgage cancel process. In conjunction with curved track rails, the system is even suitable to safely realise curved and very individual configurations.

Dorma Hsw-r Sliding Walls

Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection

Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection. The HSW-R glass sliding wall is especially suitable for applications that may be exposed to higher wind loads – such as shop windows or exterior shop entrances. The frames are made of aluminium alloy and surround the glass from all sides. Lateral rubber lips and brush seals at the top and the bottom provide additional protection during bad weather.

Dorma Space Management Solutions

Operable Partitions

Increasingly, flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios and similar. Intelligent solutions are needed that facilitate multi-functional room configuration combined with openness and – when required – transparency as well. With our Movable Walls systems, you have at your disposal operable partition systems capable of harmoniously combining daylight flooded and sound insulated room concepts.
We create room and function.

Dorma Variflex Movable Wall System

Movable walls for modern living spaces.

Rooms of different types and usage can be divided, reduced in size, enlarged, have their proportions modified and thus be adapted on demand to the different number of people using them. From the small conference room to the large exhibition hall. This flexibility generates a special atmosphere, characterized by creative aesthetics and enhanced by a wide range of surface materials and finishes.

Environment product declaration (EPD) per ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Dorma Varitrans Movable Glass Wall

Varitrans – Movable Glass Walls

Varitrans offers outstanding perspectives for generous spatial effects aligned to modern design. The operable, light-admitting glass elements are individually positionable and generate an overall visual impression of inviting openness and transparency. The system offers extensive flexibility, enabling it to be adapted to virtually any kind of floor plan. Attractive glass designs can also be provided for individual room solutions offering both light admittance and allure.

Environment product declaration (EPD) per ISO 14025 and EN 15804

Dorma Varitrans Movable Glass Wall


The intelligent solution for flexible space utilization.

Offices, hotels, exhibitions and studios increasingly require flexible and efficient space utilization. There is a demand for intelligent solutions that enable a multifunctional and yet open-plan spatial configuration. For this, the MOVEO and MOVEO Glass ranges offer partition systems that harmoniously combine transparent and sound-insulating room concepts.
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) per ISO 14025 and EN 15804.