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Premium Water Traughs

Features of Water Traugh’s

The new water traugh range of shallow vanity basins by Durlax has been designed to simplify, yet enhance the washing ritual. Observations of behavioral changes over the years have enabled Durlax to change the whole design approach to a ‘washing vessel’. The modern washing ritual utilizes a constant flow of clean water, without the need to hold water in a plugged basin. Simply stunning, the well-proportioned and flowing expanse of water Traugh vanity basin allows the user to appreciate the beauty of surging water without any distraction.

Water Traugh vanities are made from seamless and hygienic surface which is perfect for catching splashes. With its stain, scratch and water resistant properties, Wash plane delievers the perfect combination of durability, style and sustainability. Water Traugh comes in single or double versions and customization is also possible.



Like a slow gush of indulgence that trickles down every aspect of your physical being. A gentle touch of care that lets you leave your worries at the doorstep. And uncompromised quality that’s packed within every square inch. Water Traugh , turns your everyday bathing ritual into an event you will look forward to , everyday. From the timeless classics to the chic and contemporary , our designs achieve the golden between form and function.


How to make a workplace more intimate? We suggest , start with the bathroom. Water Traugh , with its carefully crafted designs , and time-tested endurance and the reassurance of blemish – free build – quality , it blends form and function with equal panache. Just as elegantly as you will mix business with pleasure.


Health comes first. And no one other than the experts understand this better. Luxor , the most coveted solid surface brand in India meets the challenges of healthcare industry with beautiful aplomb. What’s on offer is a broad range of speciality solutions in the healthcare industry for areas such as reception counters , patient bathrooms , OT walls , hospital kitchens , lab countertops and more.

When it comes to healthcare , hygiene is of prime importance. Luxor solid surfaces are non-porous , seamless which prevents the formation of microbes and contaminants thereby reducing chances of infections caused thereof.

The soothing colours and their soft feel are pleasing to the eye and touch and therefore aid in speedy recovery. And what’s more , they are easy to clean and maintain.

Luxor MediScrub , Surgical Scrub Vanities

Luxor Solid Surfaces are also used in special surgical scrub vanities – MediScrubs , developed for surgeons to help them maintain hygiene post surgery. Ergonomically designed MediScrub vanities make the sterilisation process convenient and consistent. The sloping bottom surface of MediScrub minimises splashing of water. MediScrub vanities come in both wall mounted and floor mounted designs and allow customisation of sizes and colours.