3M Safety & Security Films

3M Safety & Security Films for Glass

3M Safety & Security Films can help you protect from the unwarranted risks of glass breakage.

3M Ultra Prestige Film

The Ultimate Film an combination film of Prestige, an optically clear and Ultra Film, strong micro layered , tear resistant Safety Film , Making it an Ultra Prestige Film.

3M Ultra Prestige Films are designed add Safety and Energy Efficiency to your building, by Cutting off Solar Heat by rejecting up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays and allowing up to 70% of the useful visible light through your windows

In the event of Glass breakage for break-in or severe weather, 3M Ultra Prestige Films hold the glass together.

3M Ultra Safety & Security Film

3M’s Ultra Safety & Security Films utilizes micro-layered technology to provide the ultimate tear resistant safety Security Window film

Superior performance on all aspects over standard polyester films be it, in blast and impact events, 3M Ultra Safety Film is the best in class.

Ultra 600, Ultra 800

3M Standard Safety Films

3M Clear Safety Films are 4mil, 7 mil Polyester window films offering basic safety features.

3M Safety and Security Films offer exceptional clarity, Low Reflectivity and High level of UV Protection.

3M Window Films are paired with a special thicker adhesive to help hold broken glass together

Full range of 3M Films ensure the appropriate solution for different threats and hazards from the Spontaneous Glass Breakage for Windows , Glass Railings, Shower Cubicals , Glass Facades

Key Features:
Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast or natural disaster like earthquake
Superb optical

Safety Series S40, S70, SH4 , SH7 – holds broken glass together so windows won’t shatter