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Electrical Oem Materials

Quality and reliability are essential in manufacturing. With a broad product selection offering, Tape 69® is widely recognized as the preferred choice of original equipment manufacturers to insulate, protect and shield electrical and electronic components.

Insulating & Conductive Tape

Different environments and uses for electrical tapes call for a broad choice of backings and adhesives. Whether your application requires reliable insulation, mechanical support, aesthetic finishing, point-to-point electrical contact, grounding, or EMI shielding, 3M™ Insulating and Conductive Tapes provide trusted performance from the tape experts.

Insulating & Conductive Tape Products

Electrical Insulating Tapes

An electrical grade tape should always be used in the manufacture of electrical components. The correct tape will have the necessary balance of electrical and mechanical properties along with good handling characteristics that will contribute to overall productivity by reducing waste of time and materials.

Acetate Cloth
Composite Film
Epoxy Film
Filament Reinforced
Glass Cloth
Polyimide Film
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Flexible Insulation Products

Flexible Insulation

The most rigorous applications — at temperatures ranging from sub-zero to more than 482°F (250°C) —call for proven insulating and protecting products. Refined and field proven, Flexible Insulation products are performance engineered to perform under some of the toughest conditions.

Electrical Oem Materials For Transformers

Electrical Insulating Tape and Flexible Electrical Insulation can help improve dry-type transformer performance and can even help reduce the total cost. Our wide array of solutions include minor and major insulation materials for ground, layer, interwinding and conductor wrap applications with many UL electrical insulation systems available for adoption.

Higher Thermal Conductivity

Transformers can operate at a cooler temperature when designed with Flexible Insulation, thanks to its superior thermal conductivity performance.

In testing conducted by a third party for , coils fabricated with a combination of Insulating Paper and Insulating Paper had a maximum temperature rise that was 11% less than the same coil insulated with calendered meta-aramid. Cooler-running coils insulated with products can exhibit greater overload capability and longer life.

Long-term Voltage Endurance

When faced with partial discharge or corona that may lead to premature failure, 3M insulation can provide long-term voltage endurance, helping provide greater reliability. In testing also conducted by a third party, 3M™ ThermaVolt Electrical Insulating Paper and calendered meta-aramid insulation were tested through a procedure developed for variable-frequency drives. With test conditions of 150°C, 180 volts/mil and 20 kHz, the average time to failure for 7-mil calendered meta-aramid was less than an hour while 7-mil ThermaVolt paper completed more than two months without failure when the testing was stopped.

3M™ Electrical Tapes are fabricated with a broad range of backings and adhesives for the optimal balance of electrical and mechanical properties while maintaining good handling characteristics. 3M Flexible Insulations have been designed to different levels of thermal, electrical and mechanical performance to meet the appropriate transformer requirements with the most cost effective solutions that meet the stringent quality requirements. In short, look to 3M for options for an improved efficient transformer.



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