Tyche Leak Seal 50mm x 10 mtr


Tyche Leak Seal

   Self Adhesive Waterproof Sealing Tape for Gutter Joints,

   Sealing of Holes and Gaps, Sealing Glass to Wall Joints, Sealing Building Cracks, Repair Leakages on Roof Tops (Asbestos Sheet, Cement Sheet, Corrugated Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheet, Mild Steel, Galvanised Iron Roofing, FRP Roofing), Corrugated Roofing.

   Sealing of PEB ( Pre Engineered Building) Structures, Wall and Roofing Sheet Joints.

   Tyche Leak Seal can be used for Multiseal Tape Applications.

   Seal Gaps in Roofing on Trucks,Bus Body, Caravans, Cars to prevent Water leakage. Seal Leaking water from Pipe Joints.

   Repair Water Tank Crack, Seal Cracks, Cover Screw Heads on Roofing Sheet. Flex Tape Application Areas can be done, on Dry Surface , with Tyche Leak Seal.

   Environmental Sealing to prevent water moisture ingress in monsoon.

   Multiple Overlap Joints to considered for large format, Critical Applications.



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