Tyche Foot Pedal SS-304 2mm


Material: SS -304
Thickness: 2mm

Contents in one Pack:
Tyche Foot Pedal – 1no.
Inter screw – 1 no. (For Centre Hole)
Screws – 2 no. ( For Side Holes)
Decal (Sticker) – 1 no. For application on Door.

    Tyche Foot Operated Door Opener
    Enables Opening of Door with Toe.
    Eliminate Risk of Cross Contamination from Door Handle
    Avoid Cross Contaminating Door Handles
    Designed to Dissipate Dirt from Pedal

    Light , Medium Traffic or Heavy Duty Swing Doors are easily enabled open with Tyche Foot Pedal.
    Durability of SS-304 and Dirt Dissipation Design looks Elegant while adding Convenience of Opening.
    Quick, Easy, Convenient and Durable are reasons enough to Buy Now.


Including GST (Free shipping within India)



Including GST (Free shipping within India)


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