A Paperless Board Meeting Guide

There is an old saying that “less is more.” This mantra is true in a variety of circumstances — from the length of speeches, weeks of winter, the use of natural resources, to strokes in golf, and so on. It also applies when it comes to the use of paper during board meetings. Being a paper-free board requires careful planning and dedication from all members of the team. However at the end of the day the outcomes are worth the effort. The following article from our friends at BoardEffect provides a brief overview of the important things to keep in mind as you transition to a paperless board.

Boards face many issues, such as the time required to review and prepare documents for meetings. A board portal allows directors to access documents prior to meetings, and they can access them from any device. They can sign a digital book of the board, which permits them to give their unanimous written consent without having to attend the meeting. This eliminates printing shipping, distribution and other costs.

Another challenge that can be solved with the help of a board management software is ensuring that the meeting materials are up-to-date. With the aid of a board management application that updates are instantly available to all users, which makes the process effective and saves on the time and effort of many resource users.

Like any new software it is essential to provide sufficient training and support to board members. This will ensure that they can become familiar with the functionality and effectively use the software to increase their productivity.

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