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3M Entrance Mats are highly effective in removing and trapping dirt at entrance instead of being tracked inside.

80% of dirt and water is tracked into buildings on the soles of visitors’ shoes. Under the specialist brand name of Nomad, 3M offer a range of entrance matting specially designed to stop it at the door, maintaining a clean, welcoming entrance.

3M Entrance Mats also reduce the number of accidents from slips and trips, protects the floor from avoidable wear and tear, and plays a vital role in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. Long service life accompained by quality to withstand high traffic makes 3M Mattings a preferred choice. There are five types of Nomad entry mat, Aqua Plus, Terra, Optima, Modular, and Basic Entry – each with its own specialist purpose. 3M Entrance Mattings are available for interior, and exterior use, and for different levels of traffic ranging from low to high.

A 3M Nomad Entrance Matting System helps provide:

Superior floor appearance
Cleaner Floors
Easier maintenance
Safer floors
3M Nomad Entrance Matting System combines four technologies to effectively prevent dirt. They are:

3M Nomad Terra Z-web
3M Nomad Terra Loop
3M Nomad Aqua
3M Nomad Modular Extra Heavy Duty Matting


3M Nomad Terra Z-web ( 3200 / 9100 )

3M Nomad Terra Z-web and foyer matting scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes.

Open Z-web construction with peaked edges allows excellent scraping action for removal of sticky dirt.

Removes sticky dirt and water from shoes

Peaked edges scrape off dirt & debris

Range available for Light to Medium traffic conditions


3M Nomad Terra Loop ( 6050 / 6850 / 7150 / 8150 )

3M Nomad Terra Loop ( 6050 / 6850 / 7150 / 8150 )
3M Nomad Terra Loop is a vinyl open loop matting which allows dirt and moisture to fall in the matting, keeping shoes dry and clean.

Collects dust

Resilient vinyl loop construction with abrasion resistant coating

Range available for Light to Medium traffic conditions


3M Nomad Aqua ( 6500 / 8850 )

3M Nomad Aqua is designed for indoor use – moisture and dirt that was not
removed by outdoor mats is purged now. The patented dual-fiber design with coarse polypropylene fibers scrape soil particles and drains water.

Range available for Light to Medium traffic conditions